Sometimes (just sometimes) you need to throw your dignity to the wind and look like an idiot. Cue the trikes.

What we took: wallet, SD cards for GoPros, bottled water, SLR camera, sunglasses, our dignity
What we didn’t need: bottled water (they provided), our dignity
What we should have taken: a healthy sense of shame, a chill pill for Aloha Trikke

Babs and I were walking back to the condo we were renting at Waikiki when we decided to walk through King’s Village. King’s Village is a colonial-style shopping arcade with a whole heap of touristy shops. It also plays host to farmers’ markets and more. This is where we stumbled upon Aloha Trikke and a lovely gentleman that asked us if we’d like to have a try.

Have you ever seen a motorised trike? This style is kind of like a segway crossed with a scooter (Razor scooter, not moped). Being on holiday in a different country, I was all for trying something new. I am also all for challenging babs. (We’re too competitive. We know it. It’s why we have only ever played 26 games of Uno together – we’re tied at 13-all.) I got on the trike and picked it up easily. Babs picked it up even more quickly. Let’s be fair, though. He had the benefit of seeing what I was doing first. Just like all those times I’ve ‘loosened’ the lids of jars for him. #shiftyeyes

We were offered a good ‘sale’ price on a tour and they were willing to throw GoPro hire in for free, for both of us. Not wanting to do something so blatantly touristy (we have our misplaced pride), we decided to take some time to think about it. We knew we were going to look like idiots but yet, two hours later, we got over ourselves and booked a spot for the next day.

Babs and Rowie at Cromwell's Beach, smiling at the camera.

Image source: Aloha Trikke

Told you we looked like idiots.

There is very little in the way of transport you can take on a path in Hawai’i. It turns out that electronic trikes are classed the same as mobility scooters. (Our tour guide, who was new and grappling for different things to say told us this at least 15 times. I am not exaggerating.) It also turns out that when a big group of people on trikes hit the busiest pedestrian strip of Waikiki, you will anger, mildly annoy, intrigue, and dumbfound people who have no idea what you’re doing. ‘Get off the path!’

The actual tour itself was fun. It was a little awkward at times – getting off the trikes at various locations to take photos and be told to ‘strike a pose’ is hard to get into at the best of times. (ESPECIALLY when they ask you to take a photo in front of a homeless person! Ignore your problems, USA. They’ll just go away.) But boy were we killin’ it in that department.

Having realised we’d already lost our dignity, we proceeded to muck around in all our photos. There’s at least seven photos of me sticking my finger up babs’ nose, and probably only two ‘nice’ photos of us together. However, Aloha Trikke did manage to capture the moment babs pushed me into the ocean, so I’d call that a win.

Babs pushes Rowie into the ocean, fully clothed. Rowie's foot is clearly in the water.

Image source: Aloha Trikke

The trike tour takes you up and around Diamond Head, so be prepared to get in the bike lane and drive next to cars. Don’t worry too much about it – it doesn’t last long and the road is wide. The views are incredibly worth it. Plus, they took us to a hidden beach that a lot of tourists don’t find – Cromwell’s Beach. Go there.

Despite being branded as a ‘sunset tour’, we missed the sunset. I was not happy about that – I would have preferred skipping the fountain for the sunset. However, the trikes don’t have lights and our tour guides were wary of us travelling in the dark.

After getting back we were told that we would need to do a TripAdvisor review before we got our photos. Kind of makes you wonder… if you give them a bad review will you get all the photos? Knowing that you can’t incentivise people to do TripAdvisor reviews, and knowing that I was on holiday and trying not to go on my phone as much, I managed to hold off doing a review for a month and half, and STILL get the photos. Thanks for that, Aloha Trikke!

But maybe take a chill pill next time – I received 5 emails in a week prompting me to do a review. Every return email they sent me after I enquired about the photos (this was an additional 5 emails) also prompted me to do a review. Chill. Out. Dudes.

If you’re looking for something a little different, and you’re happy to look like an idiot, go for a trike tour. They’re actually pretty fun.


Image source: Aloha Trikke

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