We’re all going on a summer holiday
We’ve got time off for a summer holiday
We’re at home for our summer holiday

It’s not exactly the way the song goes, is it?

However, if you’re like us and you live near a large body of water (or not – it depends on what you like doing during a summer holiday), there are still a treasure trove of ways that you can have that traditional summer holiday in the comfort of your own home – and without the expense of paying to live somewhere else.

1. Eat fish and chips every day for lunch

One of the best parts of a summer holiday is the cuisine. Because you’ve earned this time off, you deserve to stay away from the effort of cooking every single meal of the day. Find your favourite takeaway shop and make it your mission to try everything on the menu over the time you have off. Or, my favourite, eat exactly the same thing every single day. We’ve got a killer little takeaway shop near our favourite swimming spot, so we’ll be heading there.

2. Choose five outfits to use and lock the rest away

Summer holidays are a great time to test out how many times one can wear that pair of denim shorts before they start to emit an odour that even you can’t stand. You start caring less about washing. You start realising that you don’t care if there’s a tomato sauce stain on your shirt – you’re on holiday! You also become much more economical with your outfit choices – something you can take back into everyday life.

3. Live in swimmers (and sunscreen)

You know what? Do away with the second point. All you really need is a fine pair of togs: something you can dress up or dress down. Something you can swim in. Something you can start treating as a second skin. Just don’t forget to clean them occasionally…

4. Limit your movie collection to 4 classics and 1 obscure selection

I’m sure everyone has had this experience: go away for a holiday, check out the movie selection and you’ve got The Santa Clause, Wallace & Gromit, an action movie like Batman, an old school movie like High Noon, and then some bloody dud of a movie that no one wants to watch (I’ll let you think of that one so I don’t offend anyone). Did you know that YOU can recreate this AT HOME?! For the dud, just pick the one that no one else ever wants to watch but that you secretly love. Oh, and make sure you have them on DVD rather than USB. You’re trying to recreate a feeling here, people!

5. Drive around the neighbourhood just to see how other people live in this area

You might creep your neighbours out a bit if you do it too close to home, so make sure you go outside at least a 5km radius of your home. Just drive around for a bit; fantasise about “living here” or think about the different things you could do to your house to make it more like a holiday home. Hey, you could even create an ocean-inspired room in your home. (Do it to the bathroom.) Best of all, it will infuriate your kids.

6. Relax, ignore odd jobs, and don’t go to the gym

Don’t have a summer body yet? Let’s face it, with all that takeaway you’ll be eating, you’re not going to achieve it anyway. Put your feet up, go the beach/lake/other leisure area, read books, and don’t do any strenuous work. Hey, you deserve it!

You know what the best things about holidaying at home are? You don’t need to drive home for hours. You’re already there! Oh, and you don’t have to clean the place before you vacate. Plus, if you’ve got some furry friends at home you don’t need to take them to a boarding kennel or a petsitter. A holiday with man’s best friend is the best kind of holiday.


Feature photo by Lance Asper on Unsplash.

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  • Jolene says:

    “A holiday with man’s best friend is the best kind of holiday.” Hear, hear, Rowena! This was an awesome post!

    I learned what “togs” are (never heard that before!) and laughed my ass off at creeping out the neighbors (definitely achieved this while looking for decorating ideas) and “wear that pair of denim shorts before they start to emit an odour that even you can’t stand.” That last one really made me laugh out loud. Feels like that’s what I’m doing all the time now. Blegh! Too funny!

    These were all great tips, Row! Now if only we could train our food to march straight into our mouths while on holiday… 😉

    • Rowena says:

      Togs = cossies = swimmers = swimwear 😉
      Thanks for the kind words, Jo! Glad you liked it. We can work on training our food into marching lines soon!

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