Rowie as UT

Travelling can be really hard when you never feel like you’re prepared. But, the more I do it the more I realise that being unprepared is the best way to travel.

I never know what I’m going to find when I travel and, no matter how much I prepare for every eventuality, there’s always something that I’ve forgotten even though I’ve packed far too much.

I’m Rowena. When I was travelling in Hawai’i, I noticed my packing system wasn’t the best. I am a chronic over-packer, but I also seem to forget the most important things. This is especially so on short day trips. (I didn’t take fins when I went on a trip to snorkel in deep water. Killin’ it.) At first, I thought I could benefit from some advice – some wisdom from someone who had travelled before me. But then I realised that being unprepared is a better way to travel anyway.

Something that inspires a lot of my blogs is that I have Generalised Anxiety Disorder. This results in me over-packing, over-worrying, freaking out about the tiniest things, and constantly feeling as though I should be doing something else.

This blog is all about what I find on my travels: the things I’m not prepared for.

You’ll often see cameos from Ross, my understanding, wonderful partner who puts up with me at the worst of times and shares our countless journeys. He also takes a lot of the photos you see on this site. You can check out some more of his photography here.

If you’ve got any questions, feel free to contact me. If you have anxiety, I’d love to have a chat about what you do to manage it while you’re travelling!

Happy travels x